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Membership Services

We are a general farm and ranch organization that has roots of representing family farmers, ranchers and rural Oklahomans since 1905. Our focus extends beyond plows and cows as we address consumer issues and offer insurance coverage for all Oklahomans.

Our contributions to the state include:

  • The founders helped write the state constitution when Oklahoma was added as a state.
  • The organization fostered the legislation creating the State Board of Agriculture.

Today, we have over 100,000 family memberships across the state.

Legislative Activities

Members are represented on a daily basis at the State Capitol and national issues are monitored daily in cooperation with a national organization staff.

Federal and state educational lobbying opportunities exist throughout the year.

Legislative forums at various events provide educational updates to the membership and general public.

Members are kept updated on issues through the News & Views monthly newspaper, while members are called to action as needed.

Copies of state legislative bills are available upon request.

Cooperative Development

American Farmers and Ranchers is constantly researching additional ways to better serve rural Oklahoma.

A historical mission of the organization included the creation of cooperatives and in fact most cooperatives in the state have their beginning with the organizations' first members.

A primary effort is encourage and support local cooperatives. These new generation cooperatives are focused on new initiatives that will put more money directly back into producers pockets.

In keeping with our cooperative mission, a recent success of AFR was to foster the crushing of canola seeds for the first time in Oklahoma which has increased opportunities for state producers to raise an alternative crop which certain Round-up canola varieties can be used to help clean up wheat fields of weeds.

Membership & Policy

OFU is a strong voice that can be heard on local, state and federal levels.

Its legislative influence is one of the most important benefits members receive by voting on the policy that staff members use as a basis for lobbying.

On both the state and national levels, full-time staff members serve as a "watchdog" for family agriculture producers, mutual insurance company members and life company members. We carefully monitor legislation and government regulations which affect each of these interests.

American Farmers & Ranchers has no connection with either political party. 

Its members are encouraged to be active in the political party of their choice. The organization remains independent so it can make the best decisions for the membership.

Our members themselves create our policy.

They do this through a system of annual conventions. Local and county organizations send delegates and platform recommendations to the state convention. At the state convention, the delegates write and approve the program which guides the organization's policy. State delegates and recommendations also go to the national convention to form National Farmers Union policy.

In this way, all of the diverse and complex interests of rural people come together.

Our membership consists of families – men, women and children. It includes farmers, actively involved in agricultural production and non-farmers who want to add their voice on behalf of the principals and philosophy of American Farmers & Ranchers. These members have joined together to make AFR, truly, “The Voice of Rural Oklahoma.”